Lab meetings

The lab meetings in Spring 2012 will take place mostly bi-weekly on Fridays from 12 to 1pm at Goodbody 228. Below is a tentative schedule.

1/27/2012 Organizational meeting
2/7/2012 E-Prime workshop I- Chung-Lin Yang
2/10/2012 Aaron Albin
“The role of radicals and embedding syntax in the orthographic vs. visual processing of Chinese characters”
2/21/2012 On-site EEG demo
2/24/2012 Nicki Dabney
“A Proposal for Comparing Discourse Particles as Used by Chinese and Taiwanese Speakers of Mandarin”
2/28/2012 E-Prime workshop II- Chung-Lin Yang
3/9/2012 On-site EEG demo
3/23/2012 Meng Liu
“The perception of Mandarin tones by L1 English learners of Chinese”
4/13/2012 Jessica Harding
4/19-21/2012 Pragmatics Festival
4/27/2012 Jung-Yueh Tu and Yufen Chang

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